Jim Emerson Forms Non-Profit PS-ISAO

Jim Emerson Forms Non-Profit Addressing Post-GDPR Needs of Global Law Enforcement

 Princeton, NJ, April 11, 2018 – iThreat Cyber Group Inc. announced today that its COO / Managing Director, James Emerson, is transitioning from the firm to form the Public Safety Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (PS-ISAO). The full process will conclude by June 30th, 2018.  

PS-ISAO’s most immediate initiative will address sustained accredited law enforcement access to Registrant Data Services data which will become restricted as looming European Union (E.U.) privacy reforms are enacted. Specifically, the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, will severely limit the ability of law enforcement agencies around the world to gain timely access Internet domain registry / registrar information to support their investigations. 

PS-ISAO will establish a secure online platform that will facilitate and expedite a means in which law enforcement agencies may gain legal and immediate access to this information. PS-ISAO’s portal will create a legal fast-lane for law enforcement agencies to obtain the information they need, while avoiding layers of complicated and burdensome GDPR processes that could delay their ability to track illegal activity, solve cases, and bring dangerous criminals to justice. 

“We are excited for Jim and the launch of this endeavor,” said Jeff Bedser, iThreat’s Chief Executive Officer. “Being a founding donor of PS-ISAO is about doing the ‘right thing’ and aiding law enforcement with the impact of ever increasing victimization of consumers by cyber-crime. We wish Jim enormous success as he embarks on this new initiative.” 

“The men and women who selflessly work in public safety deserve the best support possible in dealing with the complexities of the Information Age,” stated James Emerson, PS-ISAO’s Executive Director. “In collaboration with partners in the private sector, PS-ISAO will be intently focused on providing digital solutions and other critical resources that will serve the needs of this community.” 

“iThreat is a world-class firm known for delivering gold-standard-level services for its impressive and growing list of global clients,” James Emerson added. “I am proud to have worked with such an exceptionally talented team at iThreat and look forward to seeing the company continue to excel and reach new heights in the years ahead.” 

About iThreat Cyber Group Inc.: 

iThreat is a leading provider of cyber risk and threat intelligence solutions, focused on commercial and government markets, with unique expertise in the healthcare, entertainment and law enforcement verticals. For more information about iThreat (http://www.ithreat.com), please contact Jeff Bedser at (609-806-5000 or jrb@icginc.com). 

About PS-ISAO: 

PS-ISAO is a non-profit incorporated in New Jersey that will develop global public safety solutions related to critical digital information and data. For more information about PS-ISAO, please contact James Emerson at (407.480.2747 or james.emerson@ps-isao.org).